Koqit k1 video:https://youtu.be/aWyc0ngS4ZI

koqit u2 video:https://youtu.be/sHTAxd5EV_Y

When will you need this Automatic system USB Upgrade tools?
Fit for Koqit k1 and Fit for Koqit U2 Only
1:Anytime no display Menu on tv screen;
(Such as NTSC TV Upgrade PAL Firmware)
2:you update other Brand tv box firmware;
3:Your box only show “ON” or “—-” or “0001”with LED Display;

Step 1:turn off the tv box power.
Step 2:Connected your USB Device on our tv box.
Step 3:Turn on the tv box power
Step 4:see tv box LED Display progress bar,until Show “FFFF”
Step 5:Remove the USB Device on the tv box(Very important Step)
Step 6:Repower the TV Box.
Complete repair

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