Only Fit with Universal Remote control version ATSC Tuner,don't upgrade other version
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***Please do not power off the receiver during upgrade process,otherwise the receiver will be dead! ***

USB Upgrade Please do the following steps:
1) Download the file on computer,Unzip get the firmware” usb_upgrade_all_flash.bin” File;
2) Copy the firmware to usb device;
3) update the firmware On tv box system by “Software Update“;
4) Waiting the Update complete;
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Update log(2022-07-26)
1: Fix the bug that the city cannot be selected in the time zone
2: Fix the time logic bug of timed recording Dally and Weekly
3: Fix other known bugs

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  1. Please note that this software is only applicable to the KOQIT ATSC set-top box with the universal learning remote control version,Please do not update to other versions.
    Upgrading the wrong version will make the machine unusable.
    If you have any questions, please contact customer service first.

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